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Site Intelligence Finalist in “European Retail Solutions Awards”

Site Intelligence has achieved the fantastic accolade of being a finalist in the prestigious “European Retail Solutions Awards”. More >>

VBIS Multi Channel Enterprise Class Solutions

At the heart of VBIS is the data warehouse. This allows marketers to build the analytical insight needed to secure and retain competitiveness for customer loyalty.

Through VBIS, marketers can achieve a single customer view broken down by any aspect of historical data retained.  

Click on the wheel below for a comprehensive overview of VBIS performance in eight key areas.

VBIS Analytical Tools. Click here

After full installation Site Intelligence Customers have seen:

25% decrease in application form abandonment rate
Savings of 50% in SEO costs
100% improvement in email campaign responses
Conversion ratio improvements from 1% - 20%
Increase in customer satisfaction levels for online use
Reduction in calls to call centres by upto 25%
Increased cross sell conversion from 1% to 10%
Faster process of ‘error’ identification and rectification
Improvement in accuracy of campaign cost analysis


VBISv5.0 launch - Spring 2007

Key improvements include:

VBIS Search Marketing Module - ‘Forensic marketing’ from VBIS provides the unique ability to measure the true effect of all search marketing on every aspect of your online business and client base. 
VBIS Email Integration Module - Increase campaign response rates and build basket value through greater campaign relevance.
VBIS v5.0 speed and accuracy -  Terabytes of data processed in seconds for instant report generation! 
Scalability - Terabytes of click level business data to be maintained across multiple data servers providing the ability to query the VBIS Data Warehouse across several years of eCommerce data.

For a full summary of VBISv5.0 benefits download the datasheet click here.

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