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VBIS for Travel and Leisure

Site Intelligence works with a number of Travel specialists including:

• HomeAway • Holiday-rentals • First Resort • Cottages 4 You • MyTravel.com • Haven •

Engaging with customers is crucial to ensure delivery of the travel / leisure experience as much as the promise of a competitive price. Customers are looking for added value features and editorial content to help them chose their destination, method of travel, booking options, and pre-pay or in-situ booking of excursions as well as reinforcement of their resort, hotel, location choice.

VBIS from Site Intelligence provides travel marketers with unique insights in terms of data accuracy for SEM campaigns and actual gross margins achieved from PPC / PPA activity.

With a good experience visitors will return again and again for advice, booking and confirmation of choice. VBIS can isolate key website content / pages that drive conversions, and help organizations build lifelong relationships to build lifetime values and quality referrals.

Harnessing the potential value of a customer by encouraging cross sell from holiday booking to higher margin options like holiday insurance, car hire and upgrades is key to an organisation's profitability.
VBIS provides on the one hand high level KPI information to ensure core objectives are being achieved and on the other a detailed analysis of, for instance, main browser referral percentages and correlation to conversion, or abandonment points along the booking path.

Key Performance Indicators. Keep daily track of key measures like search engine rankings, PPC / CAP and abandonment rates.

Content Management. Determine the value of editorial content and its click through to bookings. Understand the relative value / credibility between company generated and third party features.

Path Analysis. Ensure the booking path is clear, intuitive and optimised via multi variate tests

Customer Grouping. Build and identify customer segments by value over time

Campaign management. Total campaign management across direct and indirect marketing activity

If you would like to find out more regarding our travel and leisure proposition please contact our travel and leisure specialist at:



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