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VBIS for Retail.

Site Intelligence works with a number of high street and online retail organizations including:

• Tesco • B&Q • Boots • DfS • McDonalds • The Sunday Times Wine Club

For most high street retailers, the high street is still where the majority of the sales value is achieved. However it is the rate of growth and speed of innovation of the online channel that provides the greatest opportunity for the future.

A long term vision needs to be balanced with the 'here and now'. All our customers are building long term online strategies to achieve key business objectives, which means implementing business intelligence platforms to grow sales volume and value now.

VBIS, as an enterprise class analytics product, manages the ongoing daily data warehousing and analytics of high volumes of data generated via the online channel as well as the massive peaks seen pre-christmas for sites such as Tesco and Boots.

Email marketing, for example, is a core driver for retailers to deliver the conversion rates required. Whether it’s against total transactions, or a focus on seasonal offers, de-listed stock or new lines, or content driven to encourage sign up to future mailings, browsing the ‘store’ or added value features, VBIS analytics provides the definitive answers.

Where are your campaigns driving customers to on your website? What are they doing and what did you want them to do – buying, researching, browsing? Are they returning customers from a previous visit and can you identify and isolate these customers? VBIS from Site Intelligence not only provides clear concise answers for improved decision making, but stores all individual and historical data.

Why is that important? Retaining historical data ensures full, non-aggregated, analysis can be made with accurate results – over time. Some may argue that the ‘rate of data decay’ is such that data more than 12 months old has no value. However, if you really want the full customer picture you need to look at trends, actions, behavioural criteria that enable you to ‘predict’ future needs and responses over a longer period.

Our multi channel world means we need to integrate on and off line activity for greater marketing effectiveness and deliver results greater than the sum of the parts. VBIS provides online retailer marketers with the tools to consistently improve performance through testing, monitoring, evaluating and acting on results.

Campaign management. Total campaign management across direct and indirect marketing activity.

Visitor Behaviour. Track and identify a single customer over time

Correlation View Hotspots. Look at the affects of different campaigns over different time frames and view the affect on each other

Customer Grouping. Build and identify customer segments by value over time

Micro Marketing. Manage smaller and smaller groups for more precise targeting and messaging, thereby decreasing unit costs and increasing revenue and net profit per activity.

Website content. Drive customers to key areas of your site which provide greatest conversion and revenue per page view

If you would like to find out more regarding our retail proposition, please contact our retail specilist at

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