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VBIS for Enterprise

Site Intelligence works with many household brand names across the globe providing these sorts of benefits on a daily basis - including:

• Dyson • AXA • PPP Healthcare • Cancer Reseach UK • Cantor Index • SAP • McDonalds • Homeserve • DfS

Web anlaytics for business intelligence. Web analytics as a service to businesses with a strong online channel, is becoming well established and there are many vendors that fit into this sector.

However when a business is need of information that substantially effects it’s productivity, performance, rate of return and competitvie edge it’s here where the VBIS solution takes over from simple traffic reports, to indepth analysis driven by a single comprehensive data warehouse:

The benefits of this can be numerous for example:

• Single customer view for greater understanding of customer actions and triggers for future communiction

• Assess trends and customer lifetime value data due to the granularity of data available across years not just months

• Data warehousing that allows for quality of data accessed either via pre-aggregated data sets or via a full database search for specific search query

• Speed of access and scalability, allowiing terabytes of data to be processsed in seconds

• Customer segmentation analysis to identify smaller and more defined customer groups for tailored brand and promotional marketing to generate higher conversion rates

• Search engine marketing and PPC initiatives to extract costs and rankings for each search term, and attribute these to landings and conversions within each of the progressions tracked by VBIS.

• Email marketing that delivers accurate insight into the effectiveness of each email promotion and campaigns as a whole.

If you would like to find out about how VBIS can help your business please contact our sales team at sales@site-intelligence.co.uk


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