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Visitor Segmentation

Visitor segmentation is no longer purely about demographic and geographic breakdown. Online visitor segmentation must take into account how frequently a visitor comes to the site and purchases (or converts) on the site plus how recent this activity has been. It must also take into account the behaviour or habits exhibited by the visitor, i.e. a single visit converter or a multi visit converter who likes to do more research. Are visitors using a functional area of the site, such as their account information or order tracking, or are they only interested in one area of your site and are perhaps missing opportunities to convert else where order purchase from a different product range.

All these factors can contribute to the segmentation of your visitor base and will be more, or less, influential depending on the type of site or the focus of the segmentation. The final purpose of the segmentation must be the ability to market to separate visitor segments easily and to be able to automatically migrate a visitor from one segment to another, based on the changes to their behaviour resulting from the marketing activity.

VBIS, an enterprise class data warehouse, can collate information from several sources as well as from site activity, to drive the segmentation. Once the rules for the segments have been established, VBIS will then set segments for new visitors and migrate returning visitors as required. These segments are then available to report by throughout the VBIS system to allow your key staff to easily concentrate on the cross section of visitors that their activity is currently focused on.

By using the VBIS EMS-I™ module, a Marketing Manager can see the number of sends per e-mail campaign reduce, hence the cost reduce, plus an increased conversion be e-mail campaign therefore increasing his margin per campaign at both ends!

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