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VBIS for Information Integration

Whichever data-capture method is used to drive your web analytics system, there is always information relating to visitors, customers, products, articles or content, which can not be fully captured from the site.

For example, the Sales Director wants a breakdown of online sales by product group, on the first day of each month. Plus he also wants a top 50 list of products by margin. The product id, quantity and revenue are all captured from the web site but the product group is not always available because companies may have many ways of grouping product which change over time and the product cost figures will never be exposed through the web site. These bits of information need to be collated with the information already within the analytics system.

VBIS is an enterprise level data warehouse running on industry standard databases. Information can be included into VBIS on an ad-hoc, low volume, low frequency bases by a user via the SiteReporter interface or in large volume, on a regular bases, via the VBIS Flexi2™ information integration module.

In the example above, the information feed would link the product group and the product cost to the product id allowing the Sales Director to have a scheduled report e-mailed to him, on the first day of every month, with the required information, directly from the VBIS.

Other examples of where VBIS Flexi2™ is used by our customers include:

linking offline customer activity and sales to online activity for a full customer picture
integrating loyalty card information
providing descriptions for pages served from a CMS system.

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