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Email Management

Seamless integration between VBIS and any e-mail management system allows an Email Marketing Manager to see the entire picture of an e-mail campaign.

VBIS will take a continuous feed of information from the e-mail management system, for each campaign, of the number of sends and reads, and presents this in a report along with the click through number and the number of conversions, for both the direct (within the landing visit) and indirect (in subsequent visits) conversions.

The VBIS EMS-I™ module can also be used by and individual Product or Content Manager to profile a list of unique visitors who have exhibited certain browsing and behavioural patterns. This list is then fed directly to the e-mail management system as the recipient list for a new e-mail campaign.

For example, a promotion for games, for a particular games console, needs to be targeted at an audience who is most likely to take up the offer. The profile can be based on an characteristics of the visitor held within VBIS, whether this is pure demographic information or from observed behaviour, i.e. all 18 to 25 year old males who have looked at the particular games console on at least 5 separate visits in the last 3 months OR who have bought the games console in the last month OR who have bought games for the console at least twice before. This is a list targeted of visitors who are most likely to respond to an email of games.

By using the VBIS EMS-I™ module, a Marketing Manager can see the number of sends per e-mail campaign reduce, hence the cost reduce, plus an increased conversion be e-mail campaign therefore increasing his margin per campaign at both ends!

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