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Tesco chooses Site Intelligence for online Business intelligence

Tesco has chosen Site Intelligence to provide its online business intelligence for Tesco.com. The move is part of Tesco's multi channel retail strategy and will enable the company to analyse all aspects of its on-line customer acquisition, retention and conversion behaviour. Tesco will use Site Intelligence's "Visitor Behaviour Information System" (VBIS), to transform online business data into accurate, adaptable and actionable information, in order to drive profit generation.

Tesco chose Site Intelligence to supply a solution that was fast, cost effective and adaptable and offered a solution that would run on the Tesco system. This means that Tesco has the ability to analyse information from all of its online business streams and receive valuable business reports that give a much greater customer understanding and the ability to improve website design and marketing, leading to better conversion rates and improved customer retention.

Stuart Gregory, Tesco.com comments: "We wanted a robust web analytics system that we could manage in-house and was flexible enough to meet the growing demands of all our business managers. VBIS from Site Intelligence will provide us with online marketing intelligence ensuring all our marketing campaigns are measured, evaluated and consistently improved".

Tesco will use VBIS across Tesco.com, Tesco Personal Finance and Tesco.net to give a fuller understanding of how the online channel is used, guiding the continued development of the channel to better serve its customers. As VBIS will run on the Tesco system this means reports can be provided much quicker and further interrogation can be actioned instantaneously, providing invaluable marketing decision support.

In addition VBIS has a robust database that has been proven to work effectively in large organisations with high levels of data. It is simple to add in new data sources and undertake cross analysis of all data. Whilst the team at Site Intelligence provide ongoing support and training to ensure Tesco receives the best return on investment from the system, as well as helping to interpret and understand the data.

David Pool, Commercial Director at Site Intelligence, comments "We are extremely pleased to be working closely with Tesco. We have extensive experience in the on-line retail sector and worked closely with Tesco to really understand what is important to the business and ensure the system addresses all Tesco's requirements now and into the future."

Site Intelligence (www.site-intelligence.co.uk) is a leading web analytics and business intelligence provider with over six years experience and in-depth knowledge in the online retail, finance, travel and recruitment sectors.

A UK company based in Oxfordshire, its range of services includes the highly adaptable core application Visitor Behaviour Information System (VBIS) which transforms online business data into accurate, adaptable and actionable information. VBIS enables businesses to gain the insight they require quickly and cost-effectively in order to profitably drive future customer led activity.

The main point of difference for Site Intelligence is its ability to provide seamless online and offline behavioural analysis and reporting so that businesses have a complete and incisive understanding of their customers, in order to drive both sales and profitability.

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For further information, interviews or visuals please contact Kate Bowden Smith on tel: 07808 901387 or email: kate.smith@Site-Intelligence.co.uk

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