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Dyson appoints Site Intelligence for its online measurement and evaluation

Dyson, the innovator and market leader in vacuum cleaner technology, has selected Site Intelligence to help analyse its online marketing activity.

Site Intelligence, the market leader in web analytics software and services, through VBIS, Visitor Behaviour Information System, provides the powerful combination of simplicity with depth of analysis. This enables all managers, including non-technical managers, to access information according to their business needs.

Dyson's website manager, Paul Wright said: "VBIS SiteViewer convinced us Site Intelligence was the team we wanted to work with. It's intuitive and pinpointed our website's hotspots with ease."

Dyson's internet marketing team use online data to benchmark and validate future plans.Therefore accuracy of is key to a successful ROI. Uses include path analysis and campaignanalysis for both on and offline campaigns. Campaign analysis drives traffic to the website, as well as search engine marketing evaluation.

Like all large companies, Dyson have their own processes and formats for presentation of data which means that the configurability of the site is also key. This is even more important as VBIS is deployed across more than 15countries, expanding out from the UK and Europe where it is currently installed.


Site Intelligence is a market leader in web analytics, providing a range of enterprise level products and services that deliver a measurable and quantifiable return on investment for online marketing and e-business initiatives.

The highly adaptable core application, VBIS (Visitor Behaviour Information System) is available with standard tools or can be tailored to fit precisely to customers needs, and transforms online business data into accurate, adaptable and actionable information - enabling customers to gain the insights they need quickly and cost-effectively.

Site Intelligence products and services are used by organisations across a wide range of industry sectors and span all types of website, including transactional e-commerce sites, brand communication channels and portals, online publishing, extranets and intranets.

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