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June/July 2007

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Hello and welcome to our early summer 2007 issue of Accurate, Actionable News. Continuing our ‘less is more’ approach to Newsletter content, we have 2 stories of interest:


Customer Perspective. Top 5 Customer Questions. We exhibited at Internet World in May and asked visitors to the stand what were there top 5 issues


Change at the top. Jamie Eykyn takes over as Chairman bringing a wealth of experience to the Site Intelligence business offering

Customer Perspective – Top 5 Customer Questions

This was our second year of exhibiting at Internet World which proved not only a useful ‘sounding board’ for customer news, views and enquiries but also an opportunity to find out the key issues that are part of their decision making progress. Below are the top 5 questions asked and answered:


Is your solution built on a Data Warehouse or do you just deliver standard reports?

The issue here was one of data integrity. Most web analytics providers offer fairly modular analytics and reporting systems. Customers were asking for a product that was based on a data warehouse configured to allow high level to click level access whether from a 2 year historical trend basis or individual customer analysis at a granular transaction level.

Site Intelligence through, VBIS (Visitor Behaviour Information System) Database), offers an enterprise class data warehouse that enables Customers to derive online, actionable business information however requested, as data is neither aggregated or sampled. Each piece of click level is retained and can be configured for future use.




Can you help us deliver customer segmentation strategies based on historical data?

Customer segmentation has moved far beyond demographic and geographic analysis. Lifetime customer segmentation is about understanding and promoting value and relevance to customer groups to achieve greater profit. This is the big win-win. Happy customers are profitable customers.

Site Intelligence through VBIS can collate information on any number of data sources, including website activity, to drive this segmentation. Due to the integrity of the data warehouse VBIS can ‘merge’ historical customer data to give a clear 360 degree customer view from whatever channel data is collected. Visibility that provides answers to drive clear and accurate customer marketing.



How does your technology support my business objectives?

There are a growing number of areas in the online channel across which all Customers need to become ‘experts’ to build value and support the marketing and business objectives. Email marketing, search marketing, visitor segmentation, data integration, e-commerce, campaign management and management information for intuitive user defined performance measures to name just some.

Becoming an ‘Expert’ relies on co-operation and collaboration, and the relevant experience, with colleagues and suppliers to understand the underlying issues.

Use of technology can provide the insight leading to understanding. Site Intelligence have the technology however it is only when combined with the co-operation and collaboration with Customers that ensure the technology’s true worth is realized and expertise is gained.



Can you help me with Business consultancy, insight and support?

Customers seem to want a real, not virtual, support structure in the UK. As a UK company we have not overtly promoted our UK base, however we were surprised at how many customers put this as one of their top considerations.

Following this up with Customers we found that US or EMEA based companies offered support of some sort, but often at arms length. The difference between sales and implementation / use was further highlighted when support was required in GMT!

Site Intelligence offer both business analyst support and technical support – that’s real people on the door step! – to help smooth both the course of implementation and ensure full value is derived from the system.

We also have core strengths in retail, travel and leisure and financial services which reflects specific areas of our customer base.



How can you support my complete organizational growth – offline and online?

At the heart of our technology is the VBIS data warehouse. We are all familiar with the term a ‘single customer view’. VBIS allows organisations to do just this – through data integration across online and offline channels. This ensures the customer stays at the centre of attention not the channel from which they were identified.

VBIS provides organisations with an end-to-end record of customer activity – a single customer view. This, for instance, allows visibility of site visitors as they progress from one behavioural group to another following an email campaign, or a clear view of a customer’s path from initial site entry, whether it’s a first or repeat visit and the attributable marketing campaign.

The combination of Site Intelligences’ UK sales, analyst and technical support teams, and the VBIS data warehouse, provide the best mix of technology and people to support an organizations growth.


Author Peter Schooling – Head of Marketing.


New Chairman at Site Intelligence

Jamie Eykyn takes over as Chairman bringing a wealth of experience to the Site Intelligence business offering at a time when expansion beyond UK borders is about to take off.

Jamie brings both entrepreneurial and grounded management experience with him, having both founded a number of companies, including e2Train which was runner up in the 2005 Deloitte & Touche Rising Star Technology Awards, and holding a number of chairmanships across technology and other industry sectors.

We are all looking forward to working with Jamie as Site Intelligence continues to expand the existing client base both within the UK, Europe and beyond.

Author Peter Schooling – Head of Marketing.


Downloads – Open University Case History

We started work with Open University in 2006. Now a year in, we have a case history which shows the challenges faced by OU - not least of which are the 3,000 websites! - and how Site
Intelligence have ‘tamed’ this complex structure of websites to provide both granular and management level info to different business users.

If you would like a pdf copy of this OU case history email or visit the website,

Data sheets for the new VBIS v5.0 upgrade, SiteViewer, SiteReporter and SiteConsole are all available via the website as well as a full customer list. To go to the download section on the website click here.



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