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Autumn 2006

Customer Perspective

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Customer Perspective


Hello and welcome to our pre-Christmas newsletter. SOD IT!

Yes, that’s the theme for this shortened newsletter. SOD IT! Save Our Data.
If you don’t take heed now, you may be using this expression in a different context in the not too distant future!

Save our Data is all about retaining the integrity of data received. As soon as data is pooled or aggregated or compressed or sampled, this creates the average. We all know Pareto’s law - 80% of business is conducted by 20% of your customers. Whether or not this is an exact figure for your business, the point is that by aggregating data, you distort the underlying trends which in turn, distort the accuracy of customer knowledge gained.

Customer Perspective – Data Retention

Whilst your Christmas planning for data storage and retrieval will have already been done months ago, don’t be tempted to be selective with your data. Keeping data maintains the accuracy of your database for future use. If you aggregate your data you destroy its value. Simple as that!

The problems of data overload comes in various guises. It’s not just about the absolute volume of data – it’s also about harnessing data that is useful to your business and then accessing it for future use. If, like many web analytics providers, you delete data for storage / accessibility reasons – you’re destroying value.

The Site Intelligence database retains historical data to ensure full, non-aggregated, analysis can be made with accurate results – over time. Many of you, hopefully, will at least have last year’s data that will have been archived, formatted and accessible to help inform you for this year’s Christmas marketing drive.

Some may argue that the ‘rate of data decay’ is such that data more that 12 months old has no value. However, if you really want the full customer picture you need to look at trends, actions, behavioural criteria that enable you to ‘predict’ future needs and responses over a longer period.

Many businesses define a lapsed customer as someone who has not purchased for 12 months – only with a full set of individual data, not aggregated or from sample profiles, will you know how to convert them back into profitable customers.

Only Site Intelligence retains all (not aggregated) data and we are finding more and more Customers are making stipulations that all data must be retained for 10 years.

If you want to derive true value from lifetime customer knowledge - drop us a line at

Author Peter Schooling – Head of Marketing.


Keyword Search ‘Seasonal Housekeeping’.

As these costs invariably increase with an increase in online searches, it becomes even more important to get the most value from it. One way of doing this is via very simple ‘housekeeping’ exercises, for example in keyword search.

Five simple things to do before the key buying season really kicks in:

1. Update your internal keyword database to ensure it’s ‘Christmas relevant’
2. Ensure email campaigns (and other drivers to your website) and new / seasonal product inclusions are synchronised
3. Keep tabs on the increase in costs of ‘key’ keywords. As competition increases as well as costs, the return on investment may take a steep dive
4. Check to see what keywords produce no hits – it may be that there is no product match on your website!
5. Ensure you marry up the descriptions and brand name of products advertised (on and offline) with keywords, as consumers will pick up language directly from the medium.


Author Peter Schooling – Head of Marketing.


Customer Perspective – Scalability

Soon the season to be jolly will be upon us. Let’s hope you feel that way after Christmas! Capacity planning will already have been done to ensure that the website remains operational and responsive with the large up turn in traffic.  But has consideration been given to the web analytics solution?

Most of the talk relates to the retail sector with large transactional websites, but whatever your usual traffic, if you experience a 50% or 100% + up-lift’s in traffic over the Christmas peak you will hit the issue of scalability.

With all this data, an enormous burden will be placed on your web analytics solution which is building a true data warehouse of your on-line behaviour. If you can’t cope with demand all the data and therefore knowledge, will be lost.

At Site Intelligence we are critically aware of this issue, which is why in 2005 we launched VBIS v4.0 focussed on speed of delivery - faster data loads, faster workflow and faster report runs. What this means for all business managers is a vast reduction in the time it takes to get the results – both from standard pre-configured reports, tactical campaign-based analysis and strategic targeting.

Customers using VBIS v4.0 have seen increases in speed of over 1500% being achieved for report runs. For high volume websites this level of increase provides real economies in time management especially in coping with seasonal peaks and fluctuations

And in July 2006 we launched VBIS v4.5 which allows simultaneous multiple server data processing, giving loading increases in excess of 350% thereby speeding up the time it takes to process data and allows for greater volume of data to be processed over a shorter time period.

VBIS has the capacity to deal with even the busiest on-line retail websites without having to resort to sampling or selective data collection.

If you want to derive true value from your database - drop us a line at

Author: Guy Evans. Head of Research and Development.


Downloads – The VBIS Wheel

The VBIS wheel. No we haven’t re-invented it – more of a simplification. A simple descriptor of the VBIS offering on one single sheet. If you would like a pdf copy email

You can also request data sheets for VBIS SiteViewer, SiteReporter and SiteConsole via



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